"Here’s a photo of the 3D piece I’ve done for you. It’s called “Through The Seasons”. It is 48" x 84" x 5". The two figures are moving aggressively and with purpose through life, living life to the fullest The spurs accent this. Starting on the right is a hint of Spring, moving quickly into Summer and then on to Fall, Winter, and Spring. Spring appearing at both sides gives the unending cycle of the seasons and of life. The clothes are empty and are the manifestation of the spirit in human form as it passes through life. The spirit is of course invisible yet present, giving a sense of the eternity of spirit. The horseshoe on the right symbolizes the luck this couple has had in life so far. The one on the left symbolizes the good fortune yet to come. The lariat carried by the female figure symbolizes again the unending circle of life and also symbolizes the female’s role in creating the perpetuity of life. From a distance all of this disappears and is not evident. What exists from a distance is nature itself existing eternally without the need of the presence of man. The above dictated the direction the painting would take. I definitely wanted nature to be present and evident and it needed to have a certain beauty by itself. The transition from season to season created the greatest challenge with the need to create the blending from one to the other in a subtle way. I kept the colors muted as you requested. The seasonal transitions give the abstract quality you like as do the 3D objects. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this project and I hope you enjoy it. Please fell free to make any comments you wish. I want you to be fully satisfied and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that." Ron